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About Us

We are a company dedicated to Real Estate since 1999, with a vast experience in buying, selling and even administrating luxury properties, repossessed assets and bank auctions. 

We've accumulated years of work and experience through our new team here in Panama, adding experience with a young energy and a great love to this country.We contribute and facilitate every process of acquiring any type of property from anywhere in the world. 


Our Story

The story of the founding of our real estate company RE/MAX by Dave Liniger and Gail Main in 1973. Their idea was to create a real estate company where experienced agents could keep more of their commission and run their businesses independently. RE/MAX grew steadily over the years, reaching many important milestones such as becoming the number one real estate company in many major markets and reaching a million transaction sides in 1997. RE/MAX also expanded internationally, with operations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. In the early 2000s, RE/MAX faced challenging times due to the U.S. housing collapse and the global economic crisis. However, RE/MAX managed to find solutions to help struggling families avoid foreclosure. Today, RE/MAX is a global brand with over 140,000 agents in over 110 countries and territories. RE/MAX is also known for its innovation and use of technology to stay ahead of ongoing trends.

Our Clients

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